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“I left the legislature in 2002 after serving 2 years as Caucus Chairman, 9 years as Minority Leader and 7 years as Speaker of the House.  Look what the two of you helped start. …Good luck Rick in your run for the legislature. You will be outstanding.” 

Former State Representative Clyde Ballard
(E. Wenatchee, Washington)

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525 Judd Road
Saline, MI 48176

Issues Discussed:

Click here for a 2 minute video introduction.

MP3 recordings of answers to issues questions:

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WEMU 89.1 Radio 3 Minute Spot

Why are you seeking election?

What makes you uniquely qualified for office?

If elected, what is your strategy to grow Michigan’s economy?

Do you think the Michigan Business Tax needs to change. If so, would you eliminate the MBT? What kind of tax, if any, should replace it?

Several proposals have been advanced to change Michigan’s tax system — the FAIR tax, a graduated income tax, reducing the sales tax and expanding it to a broad range of services. Do you favor changing the tax system? If so, do you support one of these proposals or something else?

Beginning next year, Michigan will not have enough gas tax revenue to garner federal matching funds. Would you increase gas taxes so the state doesn’t leave $475 million in federal funding in Washington? If that is not the solution to Michigan’s current road conditions, what is?

Should Michigan be a right to work state?

What educational strategies will you pursue to assure Michigan has a talented, globally competitive workforce?

Has Proposal A, the landmark education funding reform, worked as it should? Is there anything you would change about it?

Do you think the state should mandate or offer incentives for school districts to consolidate as a cost-saving measure?

Do you believe public employees should pay more, less, or about the same for their health care and other benefits?

The first job of the legislature is to pass a balanced state budget on time every year. What are your state budget priorities?

Do we spend too much money on corrections in Michigan? If so, how would you reduce correction costs?

What, if any, government reforms will you push for?

Do you support or oppose a ballot measure this fall that would call a convention to rewrite Michigan’s constitution?